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Madison County Cats -- Saturday May 3rd, 2014

Save The 50+ Cats and Kittens of Madison County Project It happens too often; well-intended and good-hearted people taking on the task of caring for abandoned animals that don’t belong to them. In this case, over 50 cats and kittens that have been dumped over time, in a rural area South of Columbus. Fortunately for these cats, they have found shelter and are being fed, as much as can be afforded, by an elderly woman and her daughter. Unfortunately, none of the unaltered cats have been neutered/spayed, which has resulted in many kittens also needing rescued. These cats have actually taken up residency on a neighbor’s property and it has become clear they are no longer welcome there. Cats and kittens are disappearing and some are returning injured. Gunshots have been fired and the situation has become extremely dire for these cats. As a result, some are even missing eyes and are now blind. To make matters worse, the daughter is moving out of state in early May. She realizes her mother will not be able to financially or physically continue to help these cats in her absence, so they have now reached out to the rescue groups to help them. We are A Purrfect Start Animal Rescue, a small non-profit, all volunteer, foster based 501c3 organization. Like all rescue groups, spring is a challenging time for us, thanks to what we call “Kitten Season”. By this time of year, our foster homes are full and our funds are empty. Nonetheless, we are committed to doing what we can to help as many, if not, all of these helpless cats and kittens. We are taking on the daunting task of getting these cats the medical care they need, including basic care such as neutering, vaccinating, etc. We realize some of the cats will also require more extensive care and we are going to do our best to accomplish that as well. From what we have been told; these are mostly friendly and non-feral cats. They are not only starved for food but are also starved for human attention. It is our goal to get these cats to safety and eventually find them all the Forever Families that they deserve. We realize we cannot accomplish this goal alone. We desperately need help from our fellow animal-lovers and advocates. Could you please help by: *Donations for their care. *Housing a Mom cat and her kittens, special needs cats or a litter of weaned kittens. *Adoption for forever homes. The rescue begins Thursday morning. We already have all appointments scheduled for testing, vaccines and spays and neuters. Please let us know if you can help in any way or if you have any questions. Thank you! We might not change the world rescuing cats but we will change the world for the cats we rescue!

Update on Frodo -- Tuesday April 9th, 2013

We were able to get a second opinion on Frodo and he was neutered today and is in his foster home acting as if nothing happened today. We had his bloodwork looked at by two other vets and neither felt there was any reason to suspect a shunt. We will give him time to recover from his surgery and as long as he continues to do well, he will soon be available for adoption.

Frodo -- Thursday March 28th, 2013

I would like to introduce Frodo. He is a 10 month old Munchkin that came to us two months ago weighing only 2 pounds, cold and severely dehydrated. He was purchased from a breeder for the purpose of breeding. When he was five months old they had done a four paw declaw on him (without a neuter of course), at which time he developed diarrhea. He remained sick and the family did not want to spend any more money on him so his health continued to severely decline. I found him posted on CL for free and fear of him not receiving the care he needed drove me to contact the family to allow us to help him. We were not certain that we could save him. I have been caring for him and he has continued to amaze me with his fight and determination. To look at him, he appears to be a normal healthy 4 pound Munchkin but we have scheduled him twice for a neutered but had blood work done first to make sure he suffered no organ damage from his lack of nutrition. Both times he has had elevated liver enzymes so he has not been able to have surgery. The vet feels that he should see a specialist for a possible liver shunt. The examine and testing alone to determine if he does or doesn't will cost over $500. If he does infact have shunt, the surgery to correct it could cost up to $4000. As his foster mom, I can not give up on him. I am asking for help and hoping to do what ever is needed to give him a chance. I am torn with the decision as I know it may limit our ability to help other animals in the coming year but watching what he has been through makes me know he deserves better. Please share his story and help us raise the funds to finally give him a good, healthy life. You can visit our website to learn more.

Adoption Event -- Thursday February 21st, 2013

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday is Petsmarts National Adoption Weekend. We will be attending the Hilliard Petsmart along with several other local animal rescue organizations. There will be some of the kitties that survived the February 8th house fire available for adoption as well. Please stop by and visit if you are in the area.

Rescue animals lose home due to fire -- Saturday February 9th, 2013 For those in the area that may have seen this story, I have watched this family help animals in the community for years and had greatly admired their work and dedication. I know they sacrifice alot to help when they can and the number of animals and out of pocket money has to have been a great contribution over the years. I am sure even with insurance they daily needs for food for the animals and personal meals, etc. has to be a great for a family. If anyone would like to help, please consider giving the family gift cards as they will help them greatly.

Scarlett -- Thursday January 10th, 2013

I just wanted to post a final update on Scarlett. She arrived in Idaho safe and sound. She was a little nervous when her first flight took off but she was allowed to sit on Margo's lap in the carrier after that and she seemed to enjoy flying. She arrived at her new mom's house after the long flight and within minutes made herself at home. Everyone was there to greet her and she got to meet her new vet. There is not enough thank yous for all of you that help make Scarlett get from an abandoned home with no one to care for her to a home that will care for her the rest of her life. She will never again be left without food and water.

Update on Scarlet -- Sunday December 2nd, 2012

Scarlet and Margo flew to Idaho today to meet her new family. Margo will return tomorrow. We are wishing them all the best.

Scarlet -- Thursday October 18th, 2012

Hi Everyone, I would like to share Scarlet's Story with you. We are hoping to help Scarlet find a home so that she will never be abandoned again. It is not something that we would normally do but the lady that found Scarlet has given so much for homeless animals, that we are hoping it is her turn to have help to make both Scarlet and her grandmother happy. Scarlet can be flown to Idaho but the safest and best way for her to fly is as a carry on. It has been some work doing research but it would be possible to get her there through United Airlines. This would involve someone making the flight with her so she does not have to fly as cargo. Since winter is approaching we feel this is the safest thing for her. I am hoping we can raise the $500 to fly Scarlet and her foster mom, Margo, to Idaho, where Margo will be met by her sister that she has not seen in years. Unfortuantely due to Margo's own rescues and work, she would have to turn around and get right back on a plane but she could have piece of mind by handing Scarlet safely over to her sister. Please help us get Scarlet to Idaho and to do something kind for a woman that has spent many years caring for animals and is a true hero herself to so many. You can visit our website and use Paypal and let us know it is for Scarlet or mail to A Purrfect Start, P. O. Box 955, Grove City, Ohio 43123 and also mark for Scarlet. And remember, sharing her story is also a wonderful way to help. Sincerely, Missy A Purrfect Start SCARLET'S STORY Hi, my name is Scarlet, I was abandoned by my so called owners when they moved out of our home & left me behind with NO food or water!! Our house was put up for sale & no one found me! After about two weeks, I called out to a wonderful person walking her dog, as soon as she heard me, she saw me in the window & looked into my eyes, and I knew everything would be okay! The mean people didn’t believe her when she told them I was in the house & they wouldn’t even let her in to leave me any food! But she didn’t give up & she finally talked them into letting her set a live trap. I was so happy to see that trap with FOOD!! I knew I was finally safe!! The sweet lady that rescued me has a wonderful forever home for me, but it is all the way across the country in Idaho with her grandmother, who is very sad right now & needs me just as much as I need her!! She recently had her two cats of 20 years, pass away within six months of each other, they were brother & sister. She is a very sad & lonely elderly lady that needs me to rescue her! Please help me get to Idaho! I even have a back up forever home with grammas’ vet, Dr. Patty, if I ever need one! Please help me, the lady who saved my life, just recently lost one of her two jobs, so she can’t afford to get me there. I could stay with her, but gramma really needs me!! Please help me rescue her! I will be forever grateful, Scarlet. PURRRRRRR!!!!

India -- Wednesday January 19th, 2011

January 19, 2011: Our newest rescue is a young pit named India that was taken from a man that was beating her with a tree branch to get her to run out into traffic. We took her in on Sunday and she was spayed yesterday and received her other necessary vet care but she had an old leg injury and x-rays show, she had a bad break months ago and it healed very poorly. She is a very sweet girl and although she has suffered abuse, she runs to everyone with tail wagging and waits to be petted. (photo attached). If India is going to have a pain free life, her only option at this point is to have the leg removed. Although, I don't normally take on these types of rescue, she is the type of animal that once you meet her, she has won you over. With the love she so quickly gives, she deserves a chance at a happy pain free life. India's surgery will cost over $500 and we hope that she can have it done as soon as she has recovered from her spay. We do not want to keep her on pain meds but if she is not given them, she is very sore at the end of the day. (As her picture shows). As you all know, A Purrfect Start, is still a very small rescue and when our available funds become available, we rescue another animal. We had raised that money last month but purchased our yearly supply of microchips. If I had known something like this would have come along, I would have passed on the chips to help India but if we knew what lied ahead in rescue, maybe we could prevent the need for it to begin with. Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help India and please remember, even if all you can do is forward the e-mail and spread the word about her, that can increase her chances of finding someone that can help her. February 5, 2011: Update on India: She is doing well and we have raised all the funds needed for her surgery and remaining vet care. She is scheduled for February 21st so that her foster mom will be on vacation and able to make sure she has a comfortable recovery. From all of us A Purrfect Start to all of those that donated and have cared enough to share her story, a very big THANK YOU. We will give another update after she has had some time to recover from surgery. MARCH 6, 2011: India is recovering very well from her surgery. She is doing wonderful with crate training and is now ready to find that very special forever home. New pictures have been added to her post. Again, thank you, to all those that have helped with her care.
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