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Welcome to A Purrfect Start!
P. O. Box 955 Grove City, OH 43123 (614) 448-1488
A Purrfect Start

A Purrfect Start was organized in May of 2008 and established as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization by June 20th, 2008.  We are a very small foster based rescue committed to an education program targeting school-aged children as a group and the community in general, emphasizing humane care for pets, including the importance of spaying and neutering.


Our stated mission is to stop or prevent animal suffering, and we rescue animals as we are able and our resources permit.  Despite our commitment and best efforts, some animals are too ill or too aggressive for rehabilitation.  In those cases, our position is that the only merciful, ethical and responsible thing is to end their suffering and have them put down humanely.  As committed animal lovers, we suffer with this, but we also have the courage to do what we believe is right.  We understand that not everybody will endorse our position, and yet our conscience has guided us to it.

We hope that you are able to understand and support our position because we know that it is going to take many people, in many different ways to accomplish our mission.




A focus on education targeted towards school children as a group and the community in general, emphasizing on humane care for pets including the importance of spaying and neutering.





To reach the general public through education on the importance of spaying/neutering, as well as, the humane care of animals in the community.

To assist when able to find resources and outlets for low cost veterinarian care and/or placement for unwanted pets.

To collect and share information on the different needs of the community in controlling the unwanted pet population.

To only accept the maximum number of animals for which space is available. No animal will be euthanized unless it has an incurable, contagious disease, an untreatable illness or injury or prolonging its life would be prolonging its suffering, or unless it is aggressive to the point of being dangerous to other animals or humans.

To provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for abused, neglected and unwanted dogs and cats, when possible.

To have a carefully monitored pet adoption process.

To work towards changes in legislation on the laws governing animals, specifically dogs and cats and the standard of care of said animals.

To obtain monies through memberships, sponsorships, fundraisers, grants and donations from individuals, groups and foundations.






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